Our Freelance toolkit
is designed to help freelancers get started on the road to success

The toughest challenge is how do I get started as a Freelancer?
We help you grow your business one step at time.

"The materials that the team sent me really helped me identify what my biggest issue was and put a plan in place to deal with it.  And they are now helping me with my next big issue - finding more clients!"

Sam, SME owner

Freelance Canvas & Guide

The principle is that after only 15 minutes work, you will be able to identify and articulate the key parts of your freelance business and understand how you are delivering value

Marketing Plan on a page
Step-by-step, build a marketing plan to help you promote and sell you and your business to clients
Mapping - Work smartly

A simple method to review how your customers interact with you and how you can improve the way you work - automate simple tasks and understand your customers needs

Essential Questions

Our library of essential questions to ask when engaging with people who help your business work - from accountants to web designers, from bank managers to technology suppliers

Personal Development Videos

We have created this first set of videos to help you understand some of the skills needed and trends impacting on the freelance market - from learning about Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, to managing clients better

Expert advice is available now

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Help on how to start as a freelancer to advice on how to talk with a web developer or designer - we cover every topic needed to make a success of your freelance business.

Bringing together a wide-ranging team of experts who, as freelancers themselves, understand the challenges and joys of starting a freelance career.

Resources for freelancers

Slipstream gives you the guidance and support you need.