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Rob Knowles

  • Entrepreneur
  • New Media
  • Mastering the Hustle
Rob Knowles' Bio

"Influencer. Entrepreneur. Advising on digital strategy (including content and brand) as well as developing marketing campaigns. Rob is a high achiever with a diverse marketing background, from overseeing management of private equity acquisition budgets to working with some of the largest names in fashion, youth broadcast media and music, Rob is hands on from digital strategy to implementation and consulting.

Read about Rob's rise in Forbes where he is interviewed on what it takes to start a brand from scratch and build it. If you want to hear from somebody who has proven that it's only impossible until you choose to do it, set up your call with Rob today."

Steve Taylor

  • Getting Started
  • Marketing & Sales Expert
  • Business Strategy
Steve Taylor's Bio

"Steve has a vast experience of developing and coaching business leaders to accelerate their innovation and strategy skills. Working with startups/scale-ups/SMEs via innovation hubs, accelerators & incubators,  he focuses on urban, economic & cultural development. Steve is on hand to give you a no frill 'cut to the core' of your issues and to help you make the right moves for your freelance business."

Martin Croft

  • Professional Development
  • Leadership Expert
  • Mind & Wellbeing
Martin Croft's Bio

"In 2008, Martin encountered a new understanding of how humans operate. This clarity inspired him to start a new company with other leaders who were attracted to the different perspective and a recognition of how their state of mind affected their ability to perform.
Working exclusively in developing human collateral in business, Martin helps in teams or one to one with individual leaders and owners in every business sector and with any issue. As an experienced independent professional, he is ready to help you in bringing clarity to your own world of professional work. "

Ben Matthews

  • Marketing & Sales Expert
  • Business Strategy
  • Getting Started
Ben Matthews' Bio

"Ben is a digital marketing, communications and social media consultant specialising in tech, media, consumer, mobile and charity sectors. He was awarded Young PR Professional of the Year and is the youngest ever PR professional to be featured in PR Week. He was also a finalist in the Freelancer of the Year Awards run by IPSE, the membership organisation for freelancers and independent consultants. Ben is on hand to share his experience of setting up and growing his own business, and explain those first steps in creating a successful freelance business."

Ann Paul

  • Professional Development
  • Mastering Your Time
  • Leadership Expert
Ann Paul's Bio

"For over 20 years, Ann has been helping organisations and individuals achieve success. Having worked across a variety of sectors, Ann's experience has always been in very commercial and challenging environments. In her work she helps individuals and organisations get clarity on what’s important to them, identifying what needs to be done to move forward. Ann does this as a coach, facilitator, mentor, trainer, developer, challenger, listener and sounding board."

John Denton

  • Efficient Admininstration
  • Business Strategy
  • Getting Started
John Denton's Bio
"John has over 20 years experience of digital innovation; creating multi-channel products, leading digital strategy and managing the delivery of large scale projects for a range of clients. His experience focuses on the benefits of harnessing digital technologies to generate value and opportunities for companies by improving both the customer experience and transforming workplace processes. As a freelancer involved in digital, he wants to share the many ways you can make your business run smoother and help you use digital tools to connect with new clients."

Neil Young

  • Win new clients
  • Marketing Expert
  • Content Strategy
Neil Young's Bio
"Neil is a marketing content specialist and strategist with extensive agency and in-house experience across a wide range of global brands. He also works as an occasional journalist and editor and authored Slipstream's marketing bootcamp. He'd love to speak to you if you need help honing your freelance marketing plan with the aim of winning more clients."

Tiu de Haan

  • Creativity
  • Mastering Your Time
  • Mind & Wellbeing
Tiu de Haan's Bio

"Tiu de Haan is an Oxford-educated ritual designer, creative facilitator, mentor and coach, working with clients who find themselves at a threshold in life and work, guiding them with creativity, imagination and curiosity to explore new possibilities. With  a diverse client list: Google, the United Nations, L’Oreal, Heineken, Coke, Lush, & Panasonic. Her expertise in ritual design includes consulting for global brands on rituals for beauty, food and well-being, as well as creating bespoke rituals for times of transition for individuals, communities and organisation.

Her  TEDx talk “Why we still need ritual” has had over 13k views."

Burke Turner

  • Professional Development
  • Mind & Wellbeing
Burke Turner's Bio
"'INFP, with a high stabilising biased DISC profile'. Burke is keenly aware of how each and every one of us has a unique perspective on dealing with the challenges that arise when setting out as a freelancer. With a decade of experience as a freelancer himself, Burke has advised people in a range of settings, from blue chip to sole trader, and brings a Socratic method to support learning in others."

"The assessment was really quick and the advice they gave me helped solve a big issue without much effort.  I was surprised at how quickly I made real progress."

Christina, Virtual Personal Assistant

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You may be great at selling your services but not so confident at selling yourself as a business?  Our marketing plan helps you shape key messages and identify the right channels to reach clients.

How do I set my freelance rate and define my value?

You know you have great skills or services, but how do you become a freelancer? How do you understand your value and name your day rate in a fast moving marketplace?

How do I earn money from freelancing?

Whether it's finding new sources of funding to actually making sense of your cash flow, being literate about money is a necessary skill when running your own business.

How do I become a successful freelancer?

A successful freelance business should help you achieve your own personal goals but these often get lost in the day-to-day. How do you make time for yourself so that you learn new skills and feel that you are progressing in the right direction?

How do I use digital automation to help my freelance business grow?

Shouldn't paperwork now be all digital? How to keep on top of your admin and check out the latest online tools that could help you automate those thankless tasks.

We may not be able to solve everything for you but we can certainly lend you a helping hand, share some useful approaches and methods whilst ensuring you feel that you have a support network to reach out to when the challenges pile up.